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PREVENTIVE MEDICINE MEDIA (PMM) wants to help people understand that prevention is the best form of Healthcare. We want to make people aware that a healthy lifestyle is more important in PREVENTION, rather than just taking medications and even some herbs.

Millions of Americans have died because of taking the wrong medication OR because of drug interactions. These deaths could have been prevented by getting educated. Learn the facts and prevent illness

PM Media GOAL #1: Educate in order to Prevent.

PMM is concerned that Pharmaceutical Companies are involved in massive advertising campaigns that do not make the consumer aware of the possibilities, except to say a few things at the conclusion of the advertisement. The images and the information they give the consumer, dwarfs the mention of possible complications. We are here to help with that. Do not simply take the medications, understand why and what you should do in order to prevent. And most importantly, learn to stay healthy with a balanced diet and exercise. It is important to learn why it is that we have an obesity epidemic.


PM Media Goal #2: Inform the public of the facts on Pharmaceuticals.

Learn fact from fiction.  They will tell you one thing, we will get you the facts.  Just because your doctor advises one thing, does not mean that you should do it.  Find the facts prior to visiting the doctor.  Learn what medications actually work, and what medications are being over-prescribed by physicians around the country.


PM Media Goal #3:  To give you the facts on Obesity.

We all seem to know the answer to why we suffer from this epidemic, yet the United States keeps dealing with an obesity epidemic that is not getting smaller (no pun intended).  We will inform you on what it is that you can do to stay trim.  We will also try to get you the facts on why it is not safe to have surgery as an option to ‘cure’ obese people.  We emphasize the motto, eat less and exercise more! Simple as that may sound, it works!




As part of our professional services, we offer MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS. If you have health related question, a question regarding medications, dangerous interactions of medications, or simply a second opinion to a medical problem, we can help. The cost is $50.00 for this service, which includes an email response to your medical question by a medical doctor. (for an in depth response, see below)

Cost- $50.00 / question. Answered by a Medical Doctor.


Once payment has been received, we will send you an email to confirm your payment as well as an email address to direct your question. Thank you.

If you would like a more in depth analysis of a medical condition, please email us for the price on the full medical analysis by a medical doctor.



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