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What is an Iatrogenic Disease?

Iatrogenic means the diseases toxicity or problems caused by REMEDIES OR MEDICATIONS, including herbal remedies

These DISEASES or reactions are caused by the medications we take as prescribed by a physician, but also, many iatrogenic diseases are produced by ingesting or using OVER-THE-COUNTER PRODUCTS. The best example of an iatrogenic disease, is an overdose caused by taking too much of a certain substance, whether prescribed by a doctor or taken from many possible over the counter medications.

pmm fact #1; Most of the successful “overdoses suicides” are from OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS , such as Tylenol, Tylenol PM, or other acetaminophen containing medications (Vicodins, Lorcets,etc) .

pmm fact # 2; ACETAMINOPHEN , the active ingredient in Tylenol is very toxic to the liver and is responsible for many deaths. Tylenol should especially not be taken with alcohol as the label now states.



BEST PREVENTION : Consult a physician. Do NOT medicate yourself or your children after you watch a television or magazine advertisement (including certain herbs). Please note that these television and magazine ads are sometimes decietful, where their only aim is to sell the product, not to look out for you or your families health. Always ask yourself who the person is that is selling you a product. Are they just trying to make money, or is this based on the advice of a certified physician?

Remember: Most Medications are powerful chemicals and have toxic effects (including many herbs) sold in Pharmacies. They contain CHEMICALS, sometimes containing chemicals which are quite toxic to our bodies. The people that sell herbs know that it is not required to get F.D.A. approval to sell an herb in any store so make sure there is adequete research on the herbs you buy in the same way you would research a medication. Just because it is an herb does not mean that it cannot harm you.

Remember: Get the facts on the herbs or medicines BEFORE you take them!

Also; try and make sure that the company that makes the herbs or medicines are an established company or pharmaceutical company and not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Know your source - this is very important.



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